Supporting Processes

In-House Capabilities to Support Your Demands

Supporting Processes

TIVA has developed a wide range of supporting processes to ensure rapid delivery of the solutions important to you.

Aside from our large machining capability and our world-class facilities, TIVA maintains in-house processes such as:

Blackstaining and Phosphating

Used to eliminate electric conductivity and protect against corrosion, these processes support our complex assembly lines

Ultrasonic Cleaning

We have state-of-the art ultrasonic cleaning capabilities which allow us to test up to 4 millipores (a measurement of impurities remaining on the component).

Ultrasonic cleaning allows us to remove any impurities in critical applications, such as manifold blocks, high pressure hydraulics, etc.

Induction Hardening

We have complete electromagnetic induction hardening facilities in-house which we use to strengthen our components. In-line integration of hardening reduces our lead times, and we maintain full control over quality, delivery times and costs.

Dedicated tool room facility

  • Designing, machining & assembly of jigs and fixtures in our own facility.
  • In-house manufacturing of specialform tools.
  • Conventional machining setup includes Jig boring, EDM, surface grinders, milling, cylindrical grinding, lathes, etc.
  • Veteran team with expertise in making fixtures, jigs and special tooling etc.

Investment in manufacturing facilities within India

  • TIVA Capital - your partner in success
  • Joint capital infusion
  • Land acquisition, facility setup and process integration

Welding and Riveting

  • Co2 , Argon & spot welding
  • Up to 5 mm thick fillet weld on stainless steel with water dip processing
  • Rotary welding special purpose machinery
  • All welding fixtures are completed poka-yoke and mistake proofing