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Timing is everything.

RPD Team & Innovation

TIVA's Rapid Product Development Team leads our ongoing research and development efforts for the company.

The team is completely dedicated to:

  • Rapid development of new products to meet customer demands
  • Continuous improvement of TIVA's capabilities
  • Implementation of new ideas on the floor

Our RPD Team performs the following functions:

  • Rapid response to customer inquiries
  • Product design and development
  • Sample production and operational feasibility testing
  • Strategic sourcing and supply chain design for new products
  • Transition new products to production
  • Inter-facility Kaizen implementations
  • Ongoing Research and development in design, production and efficiency

We have a dedicated facility for research and development:

Our RPD Team is continually seeking the best and the brightest engineers in Quality, Design and Production. Interested in joining? Contact us to learn more.