Life at TIVA

Committed to the constant pursuit of excellence.

Life at TIVA

At TIVA, we manufacture products which are used to build roads, buildings and cities. Join us and take part in supporting global customers who are delivering the next generation of solutions for infrastructure, energy, automation and transportation around the world.

We actively seek out the best engineers, innovators, technicians, and leaders who can work in a dynamic, international organization. We nurture our people and reward performance. Join TIVA and be a part of something better

Rewards & Benefits

We believe that our company's success first comes from our team's success. We offer the following for our employees:

Kaizen incentives

From labor to staff, we offer cash rewards for Kaizen improvements on the floor and in the office, based on the demonstrated business value arising from improvements.

Performance incentives

At TIVA, we utilize Six Sigma® and TQM to measure output and provide targeted bonuses based on productivity and quality.

Performance-based increments

We utilize best-in-class Human Resources tools to manage performance of our entire team and provide generous increments to our top performers.

Rapid career paths

We continuously seek out people with potential and move them up in the organization as they gain training and experience. We look for those few who are hungry for success, and we cultivate them into our new crop of leaders.


We believe the manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving, and our people require training to stay ahead of the curve. We provide on-the-job training programs throughout the year.