Company Overview

The world is now flat.
And TIVA stands above.

TIVA Global

TIVA stands alone in India as an American & Indian joint venture with unparalleled manufacturing capabilities, cost-efficient production and global reach.

Who We Are

TIVA is a leading global manufacturer with all production facilities in India. TIVA was established as a joint venture between TIVA Group and Duke Corporation with the joint acquisition of Gera Auto in India. Duke Corporation is a major global investor and manufacturer with 26 portfolio companies worldwide.

TIVA is trusted by more than 25 global customers to provide the right solutions, at the right time, for the right cost.

Our Strategy

We are tightly focused on providing engineering solutions to customers seeking manufacturers in India with reliability, trust and care. We manufacture:

Our Solutions

We provide the solutions you need to succeed in the rapidly developing Asian market:

For companies seeking expansion in India

TIVA is standing ready to support you with:

  • Contract manufacturing
  • Dedicated production lines
  • Custom subassembly production

For companies sourcing within India

We can support your growth with:

  • Import substitution
  • Localization programs
  • Supplier consolidation support (reducing the number of your suppliers)

For companies sourcing from India

TIVA can provide you:

  • Scale, scope and professionalism to provide globally standard solutions
  • Export-oriented production
  • Compliance with global standards

For companies investing in India

TIVA is backed by our joint venture partner, Duke Corporation, and prepared to work as your strategic partner:

  • Joint capital infusion
  • Land acquisition, facility setup, and process integration
  • Cross-border collaboration