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Quality is a given. Engineering is a must. Scale is common. TIVA has these attributes, but what sets us apart from our competition? TIVA was founded with a single vision: To be a leading global supplier of precision engineered solutions that integrates the comparative advantages of India with American management processes.

For companies around the world sourcing from India

Whom can you trust? Which company in India will deliver on their promises?

What sets TIVA apart:

  • We understand the global market, and we already cater to North American and European requirements. Our management is American and Indian, and brings the best of both worlds.
  • We don't just say "yes" to every question, but we collaborate with you to find the right answers. If we are not the best supplier, we tell you. It's that simple.
  • Our facilities are certified and ready to fulfill your critical requirements.

We can support you with specific products in the volumes you require.

  • We can establish dedicated machines and infrastructure, under contract , to meet your needs with complete consistency.
  • Or, we can setup complex assembly solutions to provide you the simplified sourcing your require.

These capabilities set us apart from any manufacturer in India today.

For companies coming to India

You've decided to establish a presence in India, but you face challenges:

  • Finding local suppliers it tough:
    Most are small and unreliable. How can you support your operation when finding local suppliers seems impossible?
  • Importing products into India is expensive and risky: Many companies fail to build a local supplier base and are forced to import critical products into India to support their operations. The result: Diminished bottom lines.

TIVA is ready to support you:

For Indian companies growing with the Indian market

Fueling your rapid growth is difficult when your suppliers can't grow with you.

We have customers who are doubling their size every two years. Their biggest challenge: Suppliers who can keep up with them.

We can be your partner for growth:

  • We have the capacity and capital to expand with you.
  • Trust TIVA to provide the rapidly growing volumes you require to keep up with the demanding Indian economy.
  • TIVA is uniquely able to invest and change our product mix to move with you as you navigate the dynamic Indian and South Asian markets.