Forging ahead.

Interview for Project Monitor

November 27, 2011

- Jason H. McDannold, Director, Duke Corporation and CEO, TIVA Global

TIVA Global (formerly TIVA Group) is a joint venture with Duke Corporation, and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of precision engineering components for automotive, construction, mining, hydraulics, agriculture, general engineering and aerospace industries in South Asia and worldwide. Jason H. McDannold spoke to Sandeep Menezes at Excon 2011.

Project Monitor, India's leading infrastructure magazine, published an article on India's leading infrastructure entrepreneurs, and interviewed TIVA CEO Jason McDannold on the developing trends in the infrastructure industry.

When asked about the market trends in Indian precision manufacturing, Mr. McDannold stated that "I can say with confidence that the scope and demand in India will continue to rise dramatically, commensurate with a rapid increase in FDI. Most importantly, India is increasing its demand for quality products, better business processes, and mature and professional delivery as a result of the influx of global OEMs into the domestic market."

Mr. McDannold explained his view on the next five years for India, stating that "…There will be significant consolidation because 90% of the companies are small, family-owned enterprises, and global OEMs are demanding larger scale production in order to enjoy economies of scale. Thus, I see a trend in more mergers, acquisitions, takeovers and also the elimination of many smaller companies."

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