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TIVA Announces New Product Line: Precision Flanges

Pune, India – January 5, 2013

TIVA Global (TIVA Engineering Pvt. Ltd.) today announced that it has acquired a new manufacturing facility in Belgaum, India, the country's hub for hydraulics manufacturers.

TIVA Global has launched a proprietary hydraulic product line for the construction industry: High pressure precision flanges. Working diligently for over a year, the TIVA Innovations Team has developed a forging and machining process that aligns the molecules of carbon steel in such a way to create a more durable and sustainable product.

Each flange is processed through an array of industry-leading Mazak CNC machines so that dimensions are maintained to the micron.

Anil Padashetti, Head of Quality for TIVA states: "We are now in the process of obtaining approval from several global original equipment manufacturers who require a higher quality of production, and we are proud to launch this new product line."

About TIVA Global

TIVA Global (TIVA Engineering, Pvt. Ltd.) is a leading global manufacturer of precision engineered steel and stainless steel components and assemblies. TIVA has office locations in India, Europe and the United States, with all production facilities in India. TIVA was established after the joint acquisition of Gera Auto and a joint venture with Duke Corporation, a major global investor and manufacturer with 26 portfolio companies worldwide.

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