Precision Components

Precision components with extremely close tolerances in the µm range.

Precision Components

TIVA is unique in India for our relentless focus on precision. Our products speak for themselves.

TIVA specializes in highly precise components for critical applications for our global customer base. Our capabilities for precision engineering include:

  • Diameters from: 5 mm to 250 mm

  • Length up to: 300 mm

  • Length tolerances up to: 3 µm

  • Surface finish up to: 0.8 Ra

  • Straightness up to: 50 µm

  • Flatness up to: 50 µm

  • Roundness up to: 30 µm

  • Cylindricity up to: 20 µm

Precision Capabilities

  • 97 CNC Turning Centers with bar feeders (Mazak, Spinner, others)
  • 12 VMC Vertical Milling Centers (VMCs) (2 with 4-axis)
  • 4 Huller Hille GMBH Thyssen Machines (with autoloader & unloader attachment) 5-Axis CNC Vertical Turning Lathes (with auto-feed attachments)
  • Single POWER Press (upto 250 MT)
  • Cylindrical Grinding (and Centerless, Surface Grinding)
  • In-House Induction Hardening
  • Millipore testing facility with Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Homel optic
  • Roundness tester