Precision Stampings & Assemblies

Cost-competitive press components.
World class assembly solutions.

Precision Stampings & Assemblies

We manufacture quality stampings and welded assemblies to the highest technical specifications using stainless steel and carbon steel of all grades.
Our stampings and assemblies support global customers in the automotive, electrical, industrial and construction industries.

Assemblies in Production

  • Bracket Assembly
  • Clutch Release Assembly
  • Drive Bracket Fuse Switch Crossbar
  • Drive Lever Assemblies
  • Holders
  • Internal Assemblies for Complex Mechanisms, Manufactured In-House
  • Knock Off Assembly
  • Latch Assembly
  • Lever Assembly
  • Lever Gear Shifter Assembly
  • Lifting Plate Welded Assembly
  • Sabre 3 Pull Knob With Assembly
  • Throttle Position Sensor Assembly
  • Trip Link Welded Assembly
  • Trip Pull Guide W / Assembly
  • WingnutSetpin Assembly

Precision Stampings in Production

  • Levers (throttle, stop, drive, carrier, switch, interlock, handle, etc.)
  • Washers
  • Brackets (fixed contact assemblies, fuse switch, support brackets, interlock, hinge, indicator, mechanism plate, bar, etc.)
  • Breather Baffle Plate
  • Clamps (Plate, chassis, etc.)
  • Flanges, Seals (Grease, Guard), Halters
  • Components for fuse switches
  • Indicators for fuse switches and switch mechanisms
  • Plates (internal drive, pedal, oil switch interlock, oil seal clamp, lock pedal)
  • Pipe Coupling Assly
  • Plaque and Plaque Springs
  • Tappos
  • Trip Bar for Fuse Switch

Stamping Capabilities

  • Up to 10 mm thickness in stainless steel and other materials
  • Stroke capability to 320 tons
  • Progressive dies for 9 different operations

Welding Subassembly Capability

  • Co2 , Argon & spot welding
  • Up to 5 mm thick fillet weld on stainless steel with water dip processing
  • Rotary welding special purpose machinery
  • All welding fixtures  are completed with POKAYOKE /mistake proofing

Machines and Equipment

We have pneumatically operated presses with double stroke autoloader facilities.

  • 160 metric ton Power Press
  • 110 metric ton Power Press
  • Three 63 Metric Ton Power Presses
  • Three 50 Metric Ton Mechanical Presses.
  • Two 30 Metric Ton Mechanical press.
  • One 5 Metric Ton Fly Presses & Hand Press.