Co-Invesment and joint ventures

Establishing Facilities in India.

Co-Invesment and Joint ventures

For companies seeking a presence in India, TIVA is the right trusted partner. Backed by Duke Corporation, our private equity joint venture partner, we are actively seeking investment partners with whom we can grow.

Establishing a new facility in India can be daunting. Building one from scratch can take years, and navigating the labyrinthine bureaucratic and legal hurdles in India can seem impossible.

Our management team (with Duke) has successfully completed over 30 transactions over the last six years. We are actively seeking viable partners with a good strategic fit to enable mutual growth.

Business value

Risk mitigation

Joint ventures allow you to move into India with a trusted partner in success. Many global companies select this option to mitigate legal and bureaucratic risks, and to gain full entry into the Indian market without the costly delays common to those who build from scratch.

Strategic alignment

With TIVA as a joint venture partner, we will be completely dedicated to providing your manufacturing solutions so our joint team can share in our success.

Rapid entry

Our Indian legal and finance team can help us navigate the complexities of establishing a new entity in India. With a joint venture, you will be able to extend your team and your capabilities into India with a joint facility, and repatriate returns on investment more easily.

Competitive strength

Ultimately, having your own entity gives you the operational flexibility you need to grow your business without relying on third party suppliers. With your team already established in India, you can focus on achieving success in the long-term.

TIVA provides solutions to customers and partners in the automotive, off-highway (construction), infrastructure, mining, agriculture and industrial sectors.