Contract Manufacturing

The Extended Enterprise

Contract Manufacturing

TIVA is India's leading contract manufacturer for the global market.

TIVA can establish an extended production capability for you, under contract, over a set period of time. In this arrangement, we provide you discretion (strict confidentiality), stability, and a less risky way of utilizing India's comparative advantages.

Business value

Lower cost of capital

Lower capital requirements to establishing your manufacturing capability in India.

Lower complexity

TIVA manages labor, training, process, facilities and production in India. We make sure our products are at your door so you can worry about bigger things.


Swift entry into India until you establish your own presence.

Cost efficiency

Under contract, TIVA can procure raw material and manage all people and processes for you more efficiently, and pass savings to you.

Our core competency

Our core competency is making precision components and assemblies as efficiently as possible. Your core competency is expanding your market penetration with your solutions, using our components. Together we can ensure your continued growth.

TIVA provides solutions to customers and partners in the automotive, off-highway (construction), infrastructure, mining, agriculture and industrial sectors.