Dedicated Production Lines

Your Very Own Micro Factory

Dedicated Production Lines

We can setup dedicated production lines which are segregated and managed exclusively for you.

TIVA offers large facilities within which we can dedicate machinery, infrastructure, personnel and management for you. We can create custom-designed assembly lines and component manufacturing lines to meet your unique needs.

Business value

Simplified strategic sourcing

Why source from dozens of small suppliers in a chaotic market when you can select one or two? TIVA is listed as the best supplier for a wide range of global customers. We have deployed customized assembly lines with products containing more than 200 sub parts. What can we do for you?

Maximize cost-efficiency

With dedicated production lines, we can minimize our variable costs and maximize production efficiency for you. Each machine can be dedicated to specific products, thus minimizing changeovers.

Stabilize production

Dedicated machines and quality processes means minimized variability. This translates to better consistency and quality over time

Easily scalable

TIVA is uniquely capable of investing in more machines when you need them. Thus, you do not need to worry about managing machine procurement and expansion within India.

No risk of capacity constraints

Many suppliers suddenly inform you that their lines are busy and they cannot meet your volume requirements. With a dedicated line, we can ensure you receive your products when you need them.

TIVA provides solutions to customers and partners in the automotive, off-highway (construction), infrastructure, mining, agriculture and industrial sectors.